Contribute to the OCPA/LAC

Invest in YOUR profession, contribute today.


  • Protect your license. The efforts of the OCPA/LAC keep the profession strong. 
  • Create opportunities to communicate with state legislators. Your contributions provide opportunities to connect with legislators and discuss important issues related to the CPA profession.
  • Build on our history of success. In the 2020 general election, all candidates OCPA/LAC supported were elected. During the 2021 Oregon legislative session, OCPA/LAC volunteers provided input on 247 tax bills.  

Every contribution makes an impact. It is even greater when you commit to automatic monthly contributions of any amount. To learn more, contact OCPA/LAC Recurring Contributions.

OCPA/LAC Contribution

As a reminder, depending on income limitations, there is a $50 tax credit for individual tax return filers, and a $100 tax credit for joint individual tax return filers.

"It is very important for CPAs to have a voice in the legislative process. In this regulatory environment, I think every CPA in public practice should be contributing to the OCPA/LAC"  Carolyn J. Jackson, CPA

The OCPA/LAC is a separate committee regulated under the Oregon Secretary of State and is not funded by membership dues dollars of the Oregon Society of CPAs. It is funded and supported by CPAs and public accounting firms.