Eminent Real Estate developers and Builders like Revanta MS CGHS Limited have already taken ownership of land in this region and started to build luxurious projects in Dwarka L Zone. Builders have rushed in with pre launches although the DDA’s land pooling policy is still in progress. The authorities are awaiting final order from the government who has decided to declare 95 villages as development area and 89 of them as urban villages.

A major issue with this area is the unplanned development of land as builders have started building the area and making projects according to their own conveniences. However, land pooling can solve this problem in a better way with the residents getting back 48-60 percent of their given land, while the rest will be handed over to real estate developers who will build houses for commercial and residential purposes for the projects in Dwarka L Zone.

Delhi shall be the first smart city in the country and ready to decongest the area to facilitate the modern infrastructure. To accommodate this, Delhi Development Authority shall introduce land pooling policy that would be beneficial to a large extent. The greatest drawback of this city lies in the unplanned urbanisation which has led to the activation of DDA to acquire a single additional plot of land for building house. So the land pooling policy is all set to unlock about 20,000 to 24,000 hectares of land that can easily accommodate countless houses.

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