The development of infrastructure in India is uprising. And to be enough clear about the fact that our capital city, Delhi is far more developed and heading towards the prosperity in the L-zone. The real estate companies mark L-zone as the most promising investment destination.  There are basically 15 zones in Delhi and L-zone is the largest zone of all.  The L-zone presently is full of rural life and it consists of 58 villages but it is under-construction plan to design the zone in a modern and eco-friendly manner.

Introductory Note

Many construction companies have taken their plots in this zone to plan a much developed city. The plan which is claimed to be the Master Plan of 2021, aims to re-plan Delhi as the smart city. The L-zone covers a wide spread area of 22840 hectares plot. The projects in L-zone are taken by many well-known real estate companies and now the construction of this large zone of Delhi is the most important news across the globe. The most important and valued information of the construction plan of L-zone is that the whole construction process is untaken by the State Govt. the price placed by the developer are every cheap and pocket friendly for all. 

The cutting-edge advantages with the L-zone

The L-Zone is well-known for its outstanding location where high-speed connectivity stands to be the biggest success map of the capital city. Its connectivity to IGI Airport, Urban extension roads, ISBT, NH-8, NH-2 and all other prominent areas make it the most preferred and desired zones of the national capital. With the development of Revanta Smart Residency in the L-Zone, Delhi would become the first smart city of the nation. The l-zone development plan is the ultimate solution to all the residential and commercial nightmares of the people. It has been modeled in 24000 hectares with a view to wipe out all the residence related problems of the people who are already residing in the city and also of those who are planning to come to the city in the near future.  

Factors that make L-zone best among the rest zones:

The fame of this zone has reach at a height that it is usually said that all the road of the developers lead to the L-zone of Dwarka. News reports say that some plots of this zone will be taken by DDA under the land pooling policy. All the builders claim that their apartments are well connected with the roads and the highway of the city. The L-zone is again more favorable to the crowd because of the location of this zone is nearest to the Indira Gandhi International Airport. Luckily, the well-known township Revanta Smart Residency  Dwarka is also located here.

The Final Note:

Finally we can say that this zone is the best destination to lead a life of peacefulness. The corporate and cooperate development is ruling in this zone of our capital city. The L-zone is basically the southern east part of Delhi and it is said that development and prosperity will always knock at the door of this zone for it excellent developers and infrastructure projects and works.

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