The Muslim community in the national capital city is in considerable number right from the ancient days.  Revanta groups came out as the big surprise for many, as most of them would like to be in touch with each other. Revanta Shah Ne Eram is the pathway which guides you towards the social and cultural integration of the people in Delhi NCR. We focus to serve you with the grand houses that are not only maximized in the square footage and are featured with high-end upgrades. Revanta Shah Ne Eram inculcates the longing of the people to move to wider, greener and more livable homes and is formulated and built accordingly.

We understand the worries of the people to live in a remote area and work in the city in the long distance and feel detached during the special happenings in home and society. So our builders come out with the excellent proposal of having township in L zone Dwarka with the easy integration for the social, financial and religious circles. In the Revanta Shah Ne Eram, the gathering of people for festivals, marriages, religious proceedings and funeral services has become swift and effortless as they stay in close proximity. In Revanta, we have offered you quality homes than the quantity homes with the good living possibility in both inside and outside the home.

The impact of economic impression over the location and designing of the house is greater in these days. Revanta Shah Ne Eram is available with 2 BHK, 2 BHK+SQ, 3 BHK, 3 BHK+SQ, 4 BHK+SQ to meet the demands of the people of any budget with the special attention to luxury in every aspect and also with flexible payment options. Revanta buildings will always offer you the best amenities like hygienic swimming pool, clean play area, world-class recreation and commercial centers.